The Challenge of Autumn & the wind last July

When I was about 8 years old I had painted all the Disney characters one could think of and turned my house into a nursery school.I would say I was blessed as my parents encouraged me to paint and paint my heart out instead of worrying about the walls and they proudly showed it to all the guests who visited us. Having worked for a series of paintings for a said client I got a request to fill the huge empty wall of their suburban 4-star property in Mumbai.I was skeptical and kept pushing it as I wasn't too excited about the idea of painting on a textured wallpaper and that too on location where people are working all the time, their guests are dropping by and is a busy place 24/7 and there was no place for mistakes. The wallpaper was fixed and we were talking about painting on a textured uneven wallpaper, neither a canvas nor a wall so my experience as an eight year old was not handy here, there was no option of trial and error.
I'm a shy person, so even consider...
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